Geheime Wonderen / Secret Wonders is a graduation film I made the School of Arts Utrecht. This mixed-media film tells the story of my family leaving their home, Indonesia and moving to the Netherlands during a cold winter in 1965. Interviews, conversations and shared experiences from my family where used as an input and great inspiration to tell their personal story.  The film shows the perspective of a ten year old boy (my father) and a grownup man (my grandfather) who is forced to leave Indonesia because of currupcy and for a better future of his family.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” – Harry van den Brink

To capture the essence of the story I used interviews with my family as voice-overs. The voices of my dad and grandfather guide you through the story. To translate this story I build a scale-model of Indonesia, filmed the actors in greenscreen and combined postproduction, compositing and design to melt all the elements into one visual that shows those memories in an abstract way.


Directed by Stephan van den Brink

Actor Grandpa: Michel Sorbach
Actor Kid: Tony van der Krogt
Camera: Thomas Jeninga
Assistent: Guido Mensinga & Rob van Wegen

Voice-overs: Harry van den Brink & Ruud van den Brink
Maquette: Pim Spiekermann & Stephan van den Brink
3D animation: Mike Colarik
2D / Compositing: Stephan van den Brink

Music: Joep Vermolen
Sound Design: Susanne Grunewald
Violist: Myrthe van de Weeteringen
Make-up: Eva van der Horst
Set-photos: Thari van den Brink

Special thanks:
Studio Amstel
Action Pact
Kemna Casting
Typtop Casting

behind the scenes