24Kitchen Rebranding

Rebranding project for 24Kitchen commissioned by Holland Centraal. I was hired to collaborate with Holland Centraal on concept, art direction, design and animation. I’ve worked at their studio in Hilversum for several months where we created this new look and style for 24Kitchen. Including a redesign of their logo, a new on-air package with matching animations and idents we shot at a sublime amount of 1000 frames per second. To complete the whole new look for 24Kitchen we also applied the design to online, social media and print.


Art Direction: Stephan van den Brink & Frank Engeman
Creative Direction: Paul Faas
Client: 24Kitchen
Creative Agency: Holland Centraal
Music: KH Music


01-24k 02-24k 03-24k 04-24k 05-24k 06-24k 07-24k
06-24k 07-24k