De Wereld Draait Door

Dutch TV-show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ asked me to make a animation for their monthly Book of the Month item. The animation is about the book CliĆ«nt E. Busken from Jeroen Brouwers. I made this animation from scratch, read the book, made storyboards and started designing. After multiple storylines I finally had the essence of the book and made this short 32″ animation.

Direction / Design: Stephan van den Brink
Music: Joy Orbinson – w Dad
Sound-design: Stephan van den Brink w
Voices: Stephan van den Brink (but tweaked/adjusted/morphed/edited)


The animation was shown on live Dutch television and I had the pleasure to introduce it myself. Please have a look at my minute of fame below (start at 10:50).


First Styleframes